Noah Toly

Noah Toly

Photo by Michael Hudson

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Noah Toly is Senior Fellow for Global Cities at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Director of the Center for Urban Engagement (CUE) and Associate Professor of Politics & International Relations at Wheaton College. He also teaches at the Free University of Berlin's Center for Global Politics. His research and teaching interests include urban and environmental politics and ethics.

In 2011, Toly was named an Emerging Leader by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and for 2012-2013, he was appointed as a Senior Fellow at the University of Chicago's Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion. In 2014, he was a Visiting Scholar at Ming Chuan University (Taipei, Taiwan).

​Toly has given invited talks at Columbia University, Ming Chuan University, Rice University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois - Springfield, and University of Virginia. His work has appeared in the following publications:

  • Books & Culture
  • Bulletin of Science, Technology, & Society
  • Christian Scholars' Review
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Comment
  • ​Common Place: The Anatomy and The Art of Thriving Communities
  • Crossmap
  • The Ellul Forum for the Critique of Technological Civilization
  • ​Ethics Daily
  • First Things
  • Globalizations
  • Gospel & Culture Project
  • International Studies Review
  • The Religion & Culture Web Forum
  • The Review of Faith & International Affairs
  • Sightings
  • URBE: The Brazilian Journal of Urban Management

Toly edits the Routledge series, Cities & Global Governance