About Me

I currently serve as Director of Urban Studies and Associate Professor of Politics & International Relations at Wheaton College. I have taught various courses in environmental politics and policy, urban politics, and ethics.


For the 2012-2013 academic year, I was appointed as a Senior Fellow at the University of Chicago's Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion.


In 2011, I was named an Emerging Leader by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


I write on environmental politics, ethics, and urbanism and have given invited talks at Columbia University, Rice University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois - Springfield, and University of Virginia. My work has appeared in the following publications:


  • Books & Culture
  • Bulletin of Science, Technology, & Society
  • Christian Scholars' Review
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Comment
  • ​Common Place: The Anatomy and The Art of Thriving Communities
  • Crossmap
  • The Ellul Forum for the Critique of Technological Civilization
  • ​Ethics Daily
  • First Things
  • Globalizations
  • Gospel & Culture Project
  • International Studies Review
  • The Religion & Culture Web Forum
  • The Review of Faith & International Affairs
  • Sightings
  • URBE: The Brazilian Journal of Urban Management

I am a contributor to Global Matters, an online forum of the Center for Global Politics at the Free University of Berlin.

I also edit the Routledge series, Cities and Global Governance.

Recent Publications

Evangelical Politics and the Specter of Elitism
A response to Mark D. Tooley's First Thoughts post on Evangelicals and immigration.

The Macondoization of the World
"Tragical Realism" and environmental ethics. A contribution to the Religion & Culture Web Forum at the Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion.

Running the Zombie Marathon

Revising the dissertation, promotion, and tenure metaphor. Higher ed meets  The Walking Dead.

Lima, Peru

October 2011

Understanding Jacques Ellul

An introduction to the 20th century French social theorist and theologian. Co-authored with Jeff Greenman and Read Schuchardt. Click here to read Bryan Kibbe's review in Comment.


Keeping God's Earth: The Global Environment in Biblical Perspective

Co-edited with Daniel Block.

"A great strength of the book is the refreshing interaction between credible and compelling scientific research, and equally compelling and insightful faith responses... [T]his text represents a refreshing approach to dialogues between religion and science. It makes science accessible to Christianity while offering meaning, value, and faithful insight back to science and enriching both disciplines in the process. The text offers a moral framework that has wide educational applicability at the local and convocational levels..." From Austin Leninger's review in Theology & Science.

Cities & Global Governance: New Sites for International Relations

Co-edited with Mark Amen, Patricia McCarney, and Klaus Segbers.

Transforming Power: Energy as a Social Project

Co-edited with John Byrne and Leigh Glover.

What is Mercy Ministry?

Co-authored with Philip Ryken.

Risk and Responsibility in Global Environmental Governance

Reckoning with scarcity, tragedy, and risk. Not yet available online.

The Fiction of Evangelical Friction
Reflections on Evangelicals, immigration, and social change for Sightings.

Photo by Noah Toly

Feeding an Urban World: A Call to Action
Report of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Emerging Leaders Program 2013.

Governing Global Urbanization: From Technics to Politics
A review essay for International Studies Review. ​Not yet available online.

Do Evangelicals Really Like Our Planet?
A brief reflection on globalization, religion, and environment for ​Sightings.

In the City We Trust
On not idolizing the city. For ​Books & Culture.

Reports Analyzing Issues Around the World Oddly Silent About Religion
Expanding our expectations of the role of religion in global affairs. For ​Sightings.

Postcard from the Global Cities Summit
On the role and limits of knowledge in urban governance. An online feature and companion piece to The Other Side of the City, the Summer 2014 issue of Comment magazine.

The Magic of Mayors
A review of Benjamin Barber's If Mayors Ruled the World for Comment magazine. Reprinted at Common Place.